Data Base of Minimally-Frustrated Helical Segments

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Reference: ISMB99

A Data Base of Minimally Frustrated Alpha Helical Segments Extracted from Proteins According to an Entropy Criterion

Rita Casadio (a, b), Mario Compiani (a, c), Piero Fariselli (a) and Pier Luigi Martelli (a)

(a) CIRB, Biocomputing unit, University of Bologna;
(b) Laboratory of Biophysics, Dept.of Biology, Via Irnerio 42, I-40126-Bologna, Italy;
(c) Dept of Chemical Sciences, University of Camerino;

A data base of minimally frustrated alpha helical segments is defined by filtering a set comprising 822 non redundant proteins, which  contain 4783  alpha  helical  structures.  The data  base  definition  is  performed  using  a  neural  networkbased  alpha  helix  predictor,  whose  outputs  are  rated according  to  an  entropy  criterion.  A  comparison  with  the presently  available  experimental  results  indicates  that  a subset  of  the  data  base  contains  the  initiation  sites  of protein  folding  experimentally  detected  and  also  protein fragments  which  fold  into  stable  isolated  alpha  helices. This  suggests  the  usage  of  the  data  base  (and/or  of  the predictor) to highlight patterns which govern the stability of alpha helices in proteins and the helical behavior of isolated protein fragments.